Travelwise will get you everywhere, just ask for it! With more than 35 years of experience in tourism, our team has built some solid partnerships with the best service providers around the world. We actually took it one step further by creating direct contacts with local guides, hotel and guesthouse owners, boutique restaurants and a herd of amazing travelers and outdoor specialists.

Of course, we have some destinations that tickle our hearts more than others. The reason? Great friends and amazing memories... Here you go:

A meeting-ground of East and West, the Middle East is our heritage and we love to promote it. It's all about extremes, and we want you to see it the way it is, with no masks: its beautiful landscapes and climates, its politics, history, tasty food, the rich and the poor, the good and the bad... Ahla w sahla! See more..

It might sounds a cliche to say that we love Latin America for its kind people, swinging dances, gorgeous landscapes and its wow music. We can't say it differently, yet we offer it in an unique way: away from the touristic trails yet not missing out on the main landmarks, guided by passionate, amazing, gorgeous locals! See more.. 

The old continent has vibrant cities that refuse to get old. You will get to feel that unique energy once you meet our friends in Amsterdam, Bucharest, Brussels, Paris, Barcelona, Belgrade, Berlin... the list is long. They will get you everywhere, you will do everything. It cannot get any better! See more..

From West to East, the Asian countries offer an outstanding diversity in customs, religious beliefs, food culture and landscapes. Since each destination has its own unique character, our packages are tailor-made to suit you while giving you the most authentic and genuine experiences. See more..